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What Is 3-D Secure Authentication ?

In order to prevent fraud, has implemented 3-D Secure payment.

Authentication is not systematic and depends on different parameters depending on the hotel and the selected payment card.

Authentication procedure:

  1. After entering your bank details on the payment page, you are redirected to a page generated by your bank to verify the identity of the card holder.
  2. The authentication process is specific to each bank. You may be asked to:
    • Enter your date of birth
    • Enter a code received via SMS
    • Respond to a personal question
  3. After confirmation from your bank, your payment is validated and the status of your reservation is confirmed on the page

SIf payment is refused:

  • When ordering, be sure that you are able to receive 3-D Secure authentication by SMS (operator restriction, international order, network coverage, etc.)
  • Verify that your contact phone number at your bank is still active

How do I make a reservation if I cannot receive an SMS ?

  • Make your reservation online and choose the « pay at the hotel » option
  • Contact the hotel where you want to stay. Please see the contact details listed on the description page
  • Contact our reservation office.