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Well-being tips for the business travellers

Maintaining your wellbeing and keeping your routine as you travel for business can be a challenge. Hopping across time zones and entertaining clients really messes your body clock, making it harder to function effectively. Stay happy and healthy by sticking – as much as possible -- to your usual patterns, so you can switch between life and work modes effortlessly.

But how? If you keep these three principles, you’ll SEE it’s easy. Get it? S.E.E: sleep, exercise, eat.


Be mindful of when you need to sleep. Go to bed at the same time as you would at home. If you run before bed at home, run on a trip. If you enjoy a bath or watch a movie to relax, do the same. Just because you’re on a business trip, doesn’t mean you have to be ‘on’ the whole time. Make your own rules

Tip: If you’re with clients, excuse yourself about hour before you usually sleep, so you have time to wind down before bed. Better to be on your game in a meeting than at the bar


Sometimes, removing home life from the equation can boost your ‘me’ time. Head to the hotel gym or pool for a surge your motivation whether you’ve let the gym life slip or you’re a regular. And if there’s no gym, body-weight exercises or following a fitness app in your room is a close second.

Exercise is great for keeping your mood up, sleep wonderful and jet lag at a minimum.

Tip: With ALL, Accor's lifestyle loyalty programme, you have complimentary access to hotel gyms and pools. It’s all here.


And when it comes to food wellbeing on a business trip, make your own rules. Try to eat at the same time as you would at home. If a meal with a client is later than you’d usually eat, still have something to eat at your usual time, so any pre-dinner drinks don’t go to your head, and you don’t get that ‘this is way too late to eat’ stomach bloating that feels so uncomfortable.

Tip: Book a table at a favourite restaurant so you don’t miss your meals. If you know you’re eating later, set an alarm to grab some fruit or a protein bar at your usual meal time. Your life, your way.

Keeping your regular patterns as you travel for business will help you switch modes effortlessly to stay healthy, and ready to live your best life whether you’re at home or on business.  

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