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Tips for Visiting the Colosseum in Rome

As the most recognised Ancient Roman structure in the world, everyone should have a chance to visit the Colosseum at least once.

Fortunately, with low-cost flights to Fiumicino and Ciampino Airport, and cheap hotels near the Colosseum Rome, a trip to this astounding landmark is very affordable. Here are some insider tips for your visit.

Getting to the Colosseum

The first thing you’ll notice about the Colosseum is how close it is to the centre of Rome. It’s just a short walk from the impressive Altare della Patria and Piazza Venezia, Rome’s central hub. 
Excellent metro links to the Colosseo station also make travel stress-free and easy. Because of this, it’s possible to visit the Colosseum as part of a same-day tour of Rome’s main tourist attractions.

Buying tickets to the Colosseum

Anyone who has been to the Colosseum will recommend that you book your tickets online. There are two reasons why you should take this advice. Firstly, the queues for the Colosseum can be extremely long, and often you could be waiting hours should you buy your tickets there on the day. Buying online from a trusted ticket provider or a local guide fast-tracks your entry for little to no extra cost. 
The second benefit is that a pre-booked ticket will often give you access to the historical Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, which are adjacent to the Colosseum.
Ticket prices range between €19.00 for adults, €6.50 for children, and €10.00 for concessions. You’ll get a time slot and date, and details of where to meet your guide if you’ve chosen a tour.
The Colosseum stands in the centre of Rome.
The Colosseum stands in the centre of Rome.

Visiting the Colosseum

No postcard photograph compares to seeing the Colosseum up close for the first time. Built in AD 72 for the Roman emperor Vespasian, the world’s largest-ever amphitheatre has seen some of ancient history’s bloodiest battles. It’s where gladiators, mainly slaves and prisoners, would have risked their lives fighting for their freedom.
As much of the main stage is excavated, you can also see underneath the Colosseum. This is where cells and cages would’ve held battle-ready gladiators and fierce animals, including tigers and bears. In its day, the Colosseum could accommodate over 50,000 people.
 When you visit, you can freely browse the ruins and travel back to the Roman Empire.

Hotels near the Colosseum

There are plenty of cheap hotels near Colosseum Rome. Although if you want to save even more, we recommend venturing out and exploring Rome’s laid-back suburbs. Many districts, like EUR, are well-served by the Metro. Here you’ll find comfort in our Roman ibis and ibis Styles hotels.
The Colosseum is over 1,900 years old
The Colosseum is over 1,900 years old

Eating out near the Colosseum

Being one of Rome’s most popular attractions, eating out nearby means paying premium prices. A more cost-effective option is to buy lunch at a supermarket. You could travel to the nearby suburbs of Monti or Trastevere for dinner, or head back into the city for pizza. It's your choice!

Remember, you can’t say arrivederci Roma without first seeing the Colosseum.

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