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You can take the business out of the meeting, but you can’t take the meeting out of business. As someone probably said. Much as we hate to admit it, meetings are a core part of business, and without them, we probably would be stuck.

But when you work remotely, you can step away from the traditional meeting room or huddle pod – and make your own rules. Here are some ways to keep business moving while you’re on the move.

Walking meeting

Yes, literally, keep business moving. Walking meetings have so many benefits when you’re out of town. You get to explore your surroundings and see some of the sights you might miss cooped up in a meeting room. You also keep on top of your daily step target, boost your energy, and scientists reckon a good walk-and-talk powers up divergent thinking and creativity – perfect for brainstorming. 
Tip: Map your walk to last the duration of your meeting. In 30 minutes, most people can walk about 2km (a little over a mile).

Local museums

For that special touch when you’re hosting clients and you’re away from your office, book business space at an iconic local attraction or museum. It says, ‘I want to understand and appreciate you and your city’; it says, ‘I’m happy to do something a bit different to impress you.’ It’ll help you amplify the moment and live spectacular – even at work.
Most museums and attractions have conference, seminar, and meeting space well kitted out with presentation tech, business support, and good catering. What’s not to love?!
Tip: Do you want to go for the big show-off museum or find somewhere quirky that makes your clients look at their city from a different perspective? Somewhere they might have never been before.

Hotel business suite

You want some big show-off numbers? Accor has 111,000 meeting spaces in 2,400 hotels over 95 countries from economy to luxury. And, not to be too smug, they are like no other. Hello, redefining convenience. Arranging your meeting where you’re staying means you can play and stay your way. We’ll support you throughout your event, creating a unique and original experience that will blow your attendees away.
Tip: With ALL, Accor's lifestyle loyalty programme, you can become an ALL Meeting Planner member and collect points for every event you organise or you can make the most of partner WOJO’s co-working spaces worldwide.

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