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Planning Your Visit to the Statue of Liberty

A national treasure and one of the most recognisable figures in the world, if you’re a first-time visitor to New York City, the Statue of Liberty is sure to be on your list of must-sees. The iconic statue was a gift of friendship, from France to the United States in 1866, and has watched over the city ever since.

A little history

Once called Liberty Enlightening the World, the Statue of Liberty sits on its own island in Upper New York Bay. From its pedestal the statue stands at 305-feet tall, making it hard to miss as you fly into the city!

The statue was first suggested by French historian Edouard de Laboulaye in 1865, and soon after the French people sent funds for its creation. The framework for the Statue of Liberty was designed by Eugène-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc and Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel (of the Eiffel Tower!). Large coppers sheets were then hand-hammered into shape and laid over the frame to create the iconic figure we know today. 

In 1855 Lady Liberty was taken apart in France and started her journey to America, where she’s stood proudly since, earning a place as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984.

Visiting the Statue of Liberty

If you’d like to visit the monument while you’re in New York, you should make your reservations online before you arrive. Reserving your tickets online means you won’t need to waste time queueing and is the only way that visitors can gain access to the inside of Liberty’s crown!
You can choose how much you’d like to see when you’re selecting your ticket. If you’re happy enough to see Lady Liberty from ground level, choose a ground only ticket and enjoy museum access included. To step inside the pedestal or crown, you’ll need a different type of ticket. Make sure you get in fast for the crown, which can be reserved up to six months in advance!

Visiting the museums

There are two museums on the Island which can help really bring your visit to life. Firstly, the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration, which sits in the former immigration station. Learn the stories of 12-million immigrants who came to America, entering through Ellis Island. The descendants of those immigrants make up almost half of Americans today! 
The Statue of Liberty Museum opened in 2019, allowing visitors the chance to get closer than ever to Lady Liberty and her history. There’s plenty to see in the museum’s bright galleries, though the highlight is the statue’s original torch. 
Hotels Near the Statue of Liberty
When you’re arranging your trip to New York, you’ll want to choose a hotel that’s close to all the action. We have beautiful spots in New York to suit all tastes and budgets, so you can choose your perfect hotel near the Statue of Liberty and enjoy convenience from the moment you arrive.

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