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Carry on vs. Hold Luggage

Do you prefer to travel light – just one carry-on bag with a toothbrush, laptop and change of clothes – or do you PACK when you’re away on business.

We’ve seen both extremes, so here’s our entirely balanced thoughts on what works and what doesn’t so well.

Small carry on = practically empty

Where even is your toothbrush? All this person arrives with is a friendly smile. He (yes, in our experience, the lightest of packers are men) checks in for a couple of nights with nothing but a half-empty man-bag slung over his shoulder. What does he carry? A toothbrush, hair comb, spare socks and underpants, spare shirt and tie (rolled not folded), a laptop, phone, and charging cables for a multi-USB plug.
Tip: Flight attendants are the elite athletes of the light-packed carry on. Their top tip is to pack flip flops.

Perfectly packed carry on

Feel. Breathe. Live. Hermione Granger would be proud. The carry-on roller is streamline and neat, perfectly fitting airline size and weight restrictions. But in it, this carry-on afficionado stashes a carefully selected capsule wardrobe, rolled to avoid creases or as packing cubes of clothes prepared for each day. One trainer holds gym kit, the other doubles as a toiletries bag, all packed at the wheel end of the carry-on to distribute the weight sensibly. This packer is like no other. 
Tip: Make your carry on feel lighter by packing anything heavy at the wheel end. It’s what the flight attendants do.

Love for the hold luggage

Yes, there are elements of travelling that are less stressful if you take only carry on: no extra charges, no bag drop queue, no waiting at baggage reclaim, having everything you need right there with you. 
But we’ve all been at check in, watching someone redistributing an over-stuffed carry on into pockets, piling on extra jumpers and t-shirts, and deciding that don’t ‘really’ need that book / cream / pair of shoes.
More power to you for saying ‘yes’ to hold luggage and turning away from cutting back. By taking a checked bag, you amplify the benefits and amplify your life. You have that second swimsuit, you have the nail clippers no one else could take, your toiletries are in real size. It’s All. Here. Now. When you need it. So you can give yourself the rockstar treatment, and feel fantastic when you walk into an important meeting, knowing you’re living your life, your way. 

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