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Are Airport Lounges Worth It?

Airport lounge access is the antidote to the chaos and noise of airports across the planet. Back in the day, airport lounges were for VIPs only; now, they’re available to anyone happy to pay a little more to wait in comfort, with a glass of something you fancy, glossy mags, reliable WiFi, and entirely pleasant armchairs.

Travel business or first

The ideal way to travel is business or first class – it’s tough to deny that. As a first-class or business passenger, you glide from limo to personalised check in through fast-track security, and into the swish complimentary airline lounge. No hoi-polloi, no screaming children, no frantic crowds. You’re in your own zone, with VIP access.

Priority Pass

As a member of ALL, Accor's lifestyle loyalty programme, you can step beyond the velvet ropes for the rockstar treatment at more than 1,200 airport lounges with our partner Priority Pass. Priority Pass is the biggest airport lounge club out there, so make like a VIP, be elite, be red carpet. 
Tip: As a member of ALL, you have up to 15 percent exclusive discount at airport lounge entry worldwide. And you earn 1,500 Reward points. Bonus!

Pay on the day

The best laid business plans don’t always work out. You think you’ve nailed the transfer time, then your first plane is delayed, you’ve missed your connection, and you now have a ten-hour layover. We hate bad surprises, too. We know the feeling. 
Thankfully the days of VIP-only airport lounges are a thing of the past. Now you can retreat to your sanctuary, last minute, without having to book ahead. This is your moment to hunt out the airport lounge, flash your ALL membership for a generous discount, and turn that frown upside-down by stepping inside an oasis of calm. Because you deserve it.

Fork out for the year

If you fly a lot, investing a few hundred on airline membership gets you annual access to airline lounges across the world. Many related airlines share facilities, think Star Alliance and Oneworld, so even if the airline you’re flying with doesn’t have a lounge, one of its cousins will. And as an alliance member, you can glide right on in and make full use of it. Why not amplify your benefits?!

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