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Southeast Asian Noodle Soups

For those from the West, soup is a simple and light meal. However in Southeast Asia, noodle soups are divine dishes that are far more substantial and can be enjoyed everyday! Here are the 4 best noodle soups found in Southeast Asia.

Bun Cha

The most popular noodle soup in Hanoi is Bún Chả, an incredible dish of rice noodles, grilled pork, meatballs, luscious greens and an epic, salty broth. It is served deconstructed which enables you to control how you build your perfect bowl with the herbs, chilli, garlic and greens it gets served with.

Khao Soi

This delightful dish is an explosion of flavour. It’s a spicy curry noodle soup with soft and hard noodles that can come with pork, beef or chicken. If Khao Soi doesn't blow you away with it’s perfect combination of textures and flavours I don’t know what will.


This Filipino creamy Chicken noodle soup classic is made from boiled chicken, broth cubes, a bit of evaporated milk, some vegetables and one surprising ingredient… macaroni. It may be weird for an Asian dish to contain macaroni but it wouldn’t be a proper Sopas without it!

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