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What’s there to do in Casablanca?

How to enjoy your business trip in Casablanca

A modern and dynamic city, Casablanca is one of Morocco's must-sees. We enjoy the blend of beach life with cultural and historical heritage, as well as its vibrant nightlife – the ideal ingredients for a successful business trip to Casablanca! Here are some ideas for activities and places to put on your checklist.

paysage à casablanca

Organize a business dinner in an idyllic setting

Located close to the historic medina, the Sofitel Casablanca offers the perfect combination of Moroccan traditions and French elegance. Combining sophisticated decor with exceptional service levels, this prestigious establishment is sure to impress your staff and guests. 
There are two restaurants on site for you to choose from for your business lunches and dinners. The Brasserie La Tour, devoted to the intoxicating flavours of French cuisine, or the Oriental Workshop, specialising in the bold flavours that make up Moroccan and Lebanese cuisines. The Brasserie La Tour promises a unique tasting experience in a decadent setting punctuated with woody and creamy notes – as well as many splashes of colours so characteristic of Moroccan style. While the atmosphere of the Oriental Workshop will remind you of those Arabian Nights tales thanks to its warming colour tones and traditional architecture. For an aperitif or to carry on after dinner, the hotel bar, CasArt, is not to be missed. Bathed in soft colours and textures, the bar is perfect for lounging in after a hard day’s work. Offering an extensive menu of cocktails and vintage champagnes, pick your favourite to sip on the lush terrace as you sit back and enjoy one of the many local artists programmed to perform – a perfect way to start or end your business night out.
fille à casablanca

Attend a cultural event at the Villa des Arts

This mecca of Moroccan architecture hosts many cultural events throughout the year that celebrate the local culture. This magnificent art deco villa, built in 1934, presents numerous exhibitions of contemporary artists offset beautifully by the backdrop of stunning architecture. If you have the time, take a stroll in the palm-fringed garden complete with pretty jet fountain for a breath of fresh air.
homme boit à casablanca

Experience the Casablancan nightlife

Why not experience a fast-paced evening that the city is famous for? Among the many places to try, there are two standout venues distinguished by their opulent, trendy interiors. The first, Maison B, is a chic location with several spaces to suit your mood including a bar, lounge and outdoor area amongst the trees. The second is the VClub, a must-do for anyone wanting to experience the Casablancan party scene. Here, the biggest international DJs as well as the high society of "Casa" come together to the sound of electronic music and R&B.
couple au centre commercial

Visit the largest shopping centre in Africa

Step out of the business world for a while and head to the Morroco Mall – the largest shopping centre on the whole African continent. It illustrates both the economic dynamism of Casablanca as well as its reputation as a shopping destination. The biggest international brands all have stores here and there are many local shops for you to browse as you wander underneath the spectacular glass roof – which floods the place with natural light.

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