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The best places for a family holiday in Rabat

What is there to do with family in Rabat?

Rabat is a favourite among visitors to Morocco. It’s easy to discover at your own pace, and contains many different neighbourhoods and historical monuments to explore as a family. And that’s without mentioning the many essential craft and gastronomy options! Here are our suggestions for a successful family holiday in the Moroccan capital.

medina rabat

Get lost in the medina

You can’t visit Rabat without exploring the old part of the city. The medina takes you back to the historical origins of the capital, dating back to the 17th century. Its fortified doors and ancient walls testify to this illustrious past. Stroll through the lively streets, lulled by the hubbub of the surrounding souks and smells of many spices – displayed in a parade of striking colours. Take a stroll to the Rue des Consuls, where many artisan workshops and local products are located for you to browse. Unlike other medinas, this one in Rabat has a breathtaking view of the ocean – offering a magnificent contrast to the whiteness of its walls.
andalusian garden of oudayas

Breathe deeply in the Andalusian garden of Oudayas

Perched above the city, well hidden between the ramparts, lies a pleasant green space far removed from the urban bustle. Take a walk through and enjoy the the mix of colours and aromas offered by the garden: orange, lemon and laurel harmoniously complement the landscape. It’s a popular place among Rabatis, who come to find a little respite from the heat and spend a beautiful afternoon in the sun.
Why not go a little further and explore the nearby beach? Her, you can try your hand at many different water sports – ideal for a fun family experience!
kasbah of the udayas

Stroll through the Kasbah of the Udayas

Less than five minutes from the Andalusian garden is a beautiful kasbah where all the houses and alleys are painted blue and white – seeming to represent an Andalusian painting. The kasbah makes for a very pleasant family walk, as you’ll find various art gallerys and musical performances along the way, letting you get a taste of the local culture. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kasbah of the Udayas is an absolute must-see during your stay in Rabat.
Salé Rabat

Escape to Salé, around Rabat

A few kilometres from the capital is a traditional village that’s ideal for a stroll as you enjoy the smell of salty sea spray. Take the time to linger between the stone ramparts overlooking the surrounding beaches, and don’t miss the walls of Borj Adoumoue. The walls border the sea and are equipped with gigantic cannons – juxtaposing pleasantly with the picturesque landscape.

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